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Portfolio and Interview Preparation

Heading into application time and need to prepare a portfolio of artwork?

No problem!

Whether you are in Year 6 heading into senior school, or you are in Year 12 applying for Fashion Design, Graphic Design, Costume, or any art-based course this can be a daunting time for both parent and student alike; so preparation is key.


With nearly 20 years working in the fashion industry, I have attended numerous interviews myself that have required me to interview as well as present a body of work that is of the highest and competitive standard.  The design industry is highly competitive, you have to do everything possible to give yourself the advantage.


As a manager, I have also interviewed potential candidates for all sorts of positions ranging from assistant designer level through to more senior roles.

In addition, I have nearly 6 years of experience in recruitment within the fashion industry and have an excellent understanding of how one should prepare for an interview and how a portfolio should present when applying for art-based programs.

You may not know the first place to start when you are applying; let me help you through this process.

I can prepare your portfolio and help you understand and prepare for the interview process.  I have many techniques on how to interview well that will assist throughout your entire life.

Your portfolio is the tool that will capture the viewer's attention so this has to be impressive!  I can assist with putting together a portfolio of work in a professional, clean layout.  

To produce the portfolio you will be required to provide all original artwork (unless your child has attended Paper Rock Scissors Art Classes - in this case, I will document them completing the artwork process) and I will photograph and collate the work. This will be completed outside of art class hours.

Please feel free to call me to discuss your requirements, and we can work out a plan.

Prue 0423 206 090

Portfolio and/or interview presentation - $60 + GST/hour.

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